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From wall and ceiling panels to fences and solutions built into furniture.


Calculation and installation of technical and decorative lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor spaces.


Development of the technical project of the interior of private facilities and commercial premises.


We order, store and deliver the entire range of materials and products we offer.


Our reliable team of craftsmen carefully installs and assembles your purchased products.


We look for new technical solutions and develop assembly units for non-standard situations.


We know how to turn our clients' desire for a beautiful environment into a tangible result, and we truly believe in the power of details - the perfect overall picture can be achieved through perfect details.

Sustainability, ergonomics and style are the main pillars on which our understanding of sustainable and economically balanced design is based. We try as much as possible to use recycled materials or materials produced using renewable resources. We pay special attention to ensuring that the project documentation is understandable to the parties involved and that the stages of implementation consistently overlap, facilitating cooperation between specialists from different industries.

How we work:

When designing the interior environment, our goal is to develop it in such a way that it is sustainable in its visual appearance and requires minimal maintenance.

It is also important for us to offer as much explanatory content as possible in the development of project documentation by coordinating it with industry experts involved in project implementation, which creates a more accurate understanding of how implementation processes that intersect depending on the task of the project in question will take place.

Our ultimate goal is to provide the broadest possible range of services and consultations among our stakeholders. By doing this in such a way that the thoughts of the end user are occupied with the possibilities of the realized environment for organizing part of his vision of the future, rather than the processes leading up to it.

Choosing the wrong acoustic solutions can lead to decreased concentration and increased stress levels, which is the first indicator of reduced quality of work.


We offer various solutions for problems related to the acoustic properties of the room. From wall and ceiling panels to acoustic solutions integrated into furniture and decorative freestanding solutions.

Our goal:

Our mission is to find and provide new solutions that are free of substances harmful to humans, provide maximum comfort and are made of renewable and durable materials.

All of our solutions are delivered, installed and modified to accommodate non-standard project features.


Mēs piedāvājam dažādus risinājumus, lai atrisinātu problēmas, kuras ir saistītas ar telpas akustiskajām īpašībām. Sākot ar sienas un griestu paneļiem beidzot ar mēbelēs integrētiem akustiskiem risinājumiem un dekoratīvajiem brīvi stāvošajiem risinājumiem. 

Mūsu mērķis:

Mūsu misija ir meklēt un sniegt jaunus risinājumus, kas nesatur cilvēkiem kaitīgas vielas, sniedz maksimālu kofortu un izgatavoti no atjaunojamajiem un ilgi kalpojošiem materiāliem.

Visus mūsu risinājumus mēs piegādājam, uzstādam un pieļaujam modifikācijas, lai iekļautos nestandarta projekta iezīmēs.


Architectural lighting design is a field of work or research related to the design of lighting systems in both interior and exterior environments. This can include manipulating and designing daylight, electric light, or both to meet a person's specific needs.

How we do it:

Initially, our goal is to educate users of lighting products by creating an initial understanding of the functions and characteristics of luminaires and light sources. This is important for the user of project lighting and allows you to recognize the benefits of quality lighting.

According to the area in question, we create a lighting plan option to achieve the desired mood in the interior or exterior.

This is followed by the assembly and installation of lighting equipment under our supervision.


years of cooperation
Fantoni Group

The company progetto began its activities in the market of acoustic solutions with the distribution and installation of Fantoni Group products. Fantoni is a large international Italian manufacturing company that began in 1882 and continues to be run by the Fantoni family for the fifth generation.The group is a major manufacturer of particleboard and MDF (medium-density fibreboard), laminate and melamine paper, and a major player in the office furniture and sound absorption systems market.

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